17:54 Biggie gives both Houses some interaction via WeChat and the two sides enter into a bit of a stand off.
17:30 Chambermates Diary Sessions
17:50 Iris takes to her Diary session all dressed in her ghost character, which will be part of her Task Presentation tonight.

17:30 Jenayne tells Biggie that she sees a bit of herself in Nku.

17:15 Nku says she sometimes gets bored with the Chambermates’ jokes, which she says could be a function of her being older than all of them.

17:00 Diaries start in the Chamber and Paris is worried about some Chambermates that seem to be conniving.

16:50 Paris challenges Iris and tells her that he can make her cry. She’s confident that she is stronger than anything he can say to her. “As long as you don’t mention my family or my boyfriend,” she warns.

16:40 Iris convinces Paris and Kgosi that nothing can reduce her to tears. “I haven’t cried since last of last year,” she insists.

16:25 Nku and Jenayne bond over Jenayne’s photographs. Nku laments about having not brought her pictures to the Chamber.

16:05 “I’ll need a Psychologist if we lose,” Thando tells Biggie on the tonight’s Presentation. She adds that the odds are against whoever (Chambermate) will join them tomorrow.

15:55 Jase tells Biggie that he is feeling a bit under the weather. He says he’s very close to Lola and Thando.

15:40 Vanessa says the Housemates have started playing the game and are avoiding conflict with each other in every way possible.

15:15 Mandla pours his heart out to Biggie about his feelings for Lexi. He reveals that for the purpose of the game, he will use her as a pawn in his game.